Technical specifications

Palác Anděl offers a high standard typical of class A administrative buildings:

  • flexible use options of flooring for units from 200 to 1,450 m2 on a single floor
  • comfortable assurance of indoor air quality
  • openable windows
  • raised floors
  • high-quality carpets
  • electric window blinds
  • 8 high-speed lifts
  • high speed internet connection
  • building security
  • coffered ceilings made of mineral fibres with sound insulation properties

The operation of the reception, parking, and warehouse spaces in the building is non-stop. The large tenants can benefit from a separate entrance with its own reception and identity and also a lucrative option of presentation of their own logo on the building.

Ground plan of the building

The ground plan of a typical floor in Palác Anděl allows flexible division depending on the tenants' requests. The building offers units from as little as 200 m2 with the possibility of one’s own kitchen and toilets on the premises.

Model of space layout

The space offers the possibility of division into separate offices or an open-space arrangement. The arrangement of the indoor space can be viewed directly in the showroom in the building.